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01 April 2014 to 31 March 2017

In the framework of PAT I, IETM had the opportunity to carry out a multitude of uplifting activities and to compile a series of thought-provoking publications centered on the themes relevant to our mission. As for the ongoing PAT II project, the purpose was to consolidate the base for the sector by enhancing the sustainability capacity of organisations, by putting the emphasis on inclusive practice and by promoting diversity within the sector.

Here is a list of the IETM activities carried out and publications commissioned and published in the framework of PAT I:


  • 6 Plenary meetings in Valencia, Amsterdam, Budapest, Bergamo, Sofia and Montpellier, with more than 3000 participants in total who gathered to reflect on performing arts issues and to find new international partners with whom to start significant collaborations. 
  • 6 Satellite meetings in Beirut, Cagliari, Paris, Gwangju, Brussels and Melbourne, with more than 400 participants, who deepened the analysis of specific topics related to performing arts issues and got familiar with the host region or country.
  • 5 Caravan meetings in Tehran, Seoul, Bucharest, Tunis and Sydney, with more than 100 participants taking a short trip aimed to explore the performing arts scene of the host cities all the while getting together with their international peers.
  • 2 First editions of IETM Campus in Lublin and Almagro, our summer academy for professionals starting to work internationally.
  • 3 On the Road meetings in Milan, Athens and Dublin.


Staff exchange

PAT I allowed us to develop our still-going-strong Staff Exchange Programme, which allows members to gain a short but valuable international experience by joining the team of another member organisation and hosting a professional from abroad. The two first editions carried out in the framework of PAT I received great response from participants and were continued as part of the PAT II project.