Participatory and Immersive Creation - March 2021 meeting

09 March 2021


The Participatory and Immersive Creation group (PIC) aims to provide a space for IETM members to tackle central issues we have in creating, presenting and producing this genre of work, through open discussions, experience sharing, and creative exchanges. 

The March session will be divided into two parts, with two topics:

1) What are we talking about?

We hear more and more about participatory and immersive processes, in very different forms. The different artistic practices show how the interpretations and applications of these terms open up very broad horizons, which are worth trying to explore.  We will take the time to discuss what participation means to us, what makes a work immersive, without pretending to lock ourselves into a definition, but on the contrary to gather a wealth of thought.

2) A word of advice

As PIC meetings are currently involving seasoned artist in immersive and participatory creation as well as new voices, projects and initiatives, a part of the next online gathering will retrieve a former question, putting it to the past: "What difficulties did we encounter in our experiences of creating or taking part in a participatory performance?"

If you could go back in time, restart a project and give yourself some advice, what would that be? Participants are invited to share past errors resulting from failed attempts, misconceptions or naiveté. From being an involved artist, concept creator, director to organiser, a conversation will be facilitated to reach a "been there, done that, moving on" kind of sharing.

These are some of the elements that will be discussed during the next online IETM Participatory and Immersive Creation group discussion on Zoom on Tuesday 9 March from 16:00 to 18:00 CET.

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This session is for IETM members but non-members are welcome to participate as well.

Matteo Lanfranchi, Effetto Larsen, Italy
Delia Trice, Panda Project, Italy