"I believe pursuing a career in the Arts is an act of rebellion; a rebellion against fear, imposed social norms, disappointing family or other people expectations or financial uncertainty."
Article d'ANNICK BUREAUD, spécialiste du Bio Art, dans le prochain MCD : " La France ne dispose pas, ou pas encore, d’un lieu emblématique arts-sciences, mais, comme partout, les initiatives fleurissent : du soutien à la création, à la monstration, en passant par la formation et la recherche, durables ou éphémères, portées par des institutions de taille et de nature diverses, initiées par toutes sortes de gens (artistes, scientifiques, acteurs culturels), parfois relabellisant simplement du bon vieil art numérique ou flirtant avec l’ingénierie. En bref, l’art-science devient tendance. Je...
For three and a half days Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam turned into a buzzing hive of ideas and voices from across performing arts disciplines and from all over the globe. Around 700 arts and culture professionals engaged in meaningful debates, made friendships, conceived professional partnerships and delved into the Dutch arts world. The meeting revolved around Live Arts in Digital Times: how the digital has transformed our reality and the notion of art. Stating that live performance helps us counter the normative pressures of digitisation, Sally Jane Norman opened the meeting looking at how "...
fair warning this post will be long – there was just so much to take in. I’ve spent the last week in Amsterdam for the IETM (informal European theatre meeting) Plenary. I had applied for a bursary from the British Council which helped towards the cost of it. I honestly could not have afforded to go without it. To be honest I hadn’t even heard of the IETM prior to British Council’s call-out. Now I’m wondering how? The meeting is a large meeting, more like a conference with around 700 delegates attending. The days were filled with panel sessions, working sessions and theatre performances in the...
Conference "Theatre and Net" (May 2014) by Heinrich Böll Stiftung
The last few months have been rather busy- I've moved to Berlin and Sarah is growing a baby! But incase anyone wondered what else we've been up to, here's a round up of a trip I made to an arts conference in Budapest very recently... Arriving in Budapest ahead of the IETM (international Network for Contemporary Performance) I felt rather excited, full of intrigue and anticipation. For those unfamiliar with IETM, it’s members comprise an international body of like-minded arts professionals, coming together twice a year (sometimes more) to thrash out current issues within the arts, share ideas...
... tour d’horizon des oeuvres qui, grâce à l’interactivité, parviennent à “mixer les genres”, parviennent à marier au documentaire d’autres démarches artistiques héritées de la bande-dessinée, du jeu, de la fiction, de la médiation culturelle ou encore de la réalité virtuelle
HowlRound TV Video: “Staging the Network: A Discussion about Telecommunications for Performance”
This discussion brings together representatives from the EU-funded project Vconect (Falmouth University and CWI), network art collective INTACT , and CultureHub to discuss the artistic, cultural, and technical implications of employing telepresence and other internet based technologies in live, multi-location performance. Livestreamed via the global, commons-based peer-produced HowlRound TV network on 10 October 2014.
HowlRound—Twitter Plays: When Theatre Connects with Reality
"Though it may not seem obvious at first, social media and theatre have a lot in common. Both are communal experiences based on a give-and-take relationship, in which one person is performer while the other is spectator."—Theatremaker Jeremy Gable.
HowlRound: "Theatre in a Mobile World: Critiquing Convention and Calling for Innovation"
"As theatre artists, we must tap into the potential of mobile platforms to extend the qualities of our art that differentiate it from other art forms as increasingly, more and more individuals see digital space as the home of their truest selves."—Kyle A. Thomas


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