"I think that twenty-first century theatre should look more like the conditions it is made under: the warm glow of computer screens as comfort; the cyclical melodrama of the stock market as a Greek tragedy; the War on Terror as a war on metaphors; the globalization of the world as the isolation of the human."
Todo empezó a ir realmente mal en España cuando, entre 2008 y 2011, se iniciaron los recortes dictados por la Comisión Europea, el Banco Central Europeo y el Fondo Monetario Internacional, la temida Troika.
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, speaks on the stage at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 2016
What I want from technology is not a new world. What I want from technology are tools for exploring and enjoying the world that is. We look to technology not only to manipulate nature but to possess it, to package it as a product that can be consumed by pressing a light switch or a gas pedal or a shutter button. We yearn to reprogram existence, and with the computer we have the best means yet. We would like to see this project as heroic, as a rebellion against the tyranny of an alien power. But it’s not that at all. It’s a project born of anxiety. Behind it lies a dread that the messy, atomic...
This article, in Catalan, was published in ENTREACTE, the magazine of the "Catalonian association of professional performers and directors", in the 2016 summer issue. It presents the new Mission of IETM and adds some meaning and context to its different statements.
machina eX is one of the most immersive theatre company in Germany. They constantly recreate surrounding of video games where the audience can experience how is to be a real protagonist of such games. Interview with machina eX’s member, Lasse Marburg on zip-scene.com
Evert Hoogendoorn is a strategist and game designer at IJsfontein Interactive Media. He also has a background in theatre and acting, has been part of the game industry for over fifteen years and started the Design for Virtual Theatre & Games program that later became part of the School of Theatre under the name of Interactive Performance Design program. He speaks with us about the reticence of some directors to use digital devices in the theater.
This keynote address was delivered by Joris Weijdom, senior lecturer and researcher at HKU Utrecht University of the Arts / HKU Professorship Performative Processes at the IETM meeting in Amsterdam on April 16, 2016. The transcription has been edited for length.
¿Qué significa la transformación digital para los museos, las instituciones y las organizaciones culturales? ¿Qué oportunidades presenta y cuáles son los principales desafíos a los que se enfrentan las organizaciones para adaptarse a las necesidades de sus públicos en el siglo XXI? ¿Cómo pueden desarrollar estrategias digitales efectivas y emplear las nuevas tecnologías para conectar con sus públicos y mostrar nuevos tipos de trabajo artístico?
Dr Nina OBULJEN KORŽINEK is the Programme Director of the forthcoming 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture, to be held in Malta (18-21 October 2016). Nina has an extensive experience as a researcher and academic in the field of cultural policies and cultural cooperation and has worked as an expert on various projects for UNESCO, Council of Europe, European Cultural Foundation, UNDP, European Parliament among others. In this conversation, Herman BASHIRON MENDOLICCHIO asked Nina to expand on the next World Summit topics and on different questions related to cultural cooperation, cultural...
Transmedia storytelling is about building a narrative world through multiple channels: social media, gaming, film, novel, mobile app and some aspects of real live. Transdisciplinary storytelling deals in this session with the approach of pioneers working together with different fields of expertise’s. The experiments shown create an alternative reality for and with the audience, allowing the participant to interact with a story and even change the storyline. Strong emotional connection and truly immersive experience – what does that mean for theatre, television, the arts and the audience?...


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