As President Trump eyes abolishing federal arts funding in the U.S., a survey of tax-supported music from Australia to Iceland reveals a complex, shifting landscape.
Collaboration for theatre artists across borders may become a little easier thanks to an innovative new digital tool. Launched this week, CdnStudio is a web platform that uses basic green screen technology to overlay video feeds and make it appear as though artists in different studios are in the same room, enabling them to create and rehearse work from remote locations. Co-creator Sarah Stanley, co-founder and creative catalyst of SpiderWebShow, calls it “Skype on steroids.”
Interview with Tomáš Procházka, one of the founder members of the Czech performing arts group Handa Gote Research and Development, about old media, physicality and one of their latest production Eleusis.
Sarah Ellis is the head of digital development at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Conversation about Shakespeare, theatre and their relation to new technology.
This conference is about meeting, connecting and learning. I really enjoyed that aspect, I felt no sort of pressure to be leaving the event with a tour booked, but rather to fully embrace connecting with other practitioners and people in the sector, which I did. I would recommend it to other practitioners, because it is an eye opener as to how other organisations in other countries work.
Damn, there was a lot. As soon as I stepped on the plane for Beirut with a lively Belgian delegation of almost 20 people, I was overwhelmed. This was in part due to my job. I am a writer and playwright, and so on a regular work day I hold a pencil for eight hours and move within the contours of an A4, often within an even smaller surface, when I use a yellowy American legal pad or simply read a book.
I’ll hazard a guess that few of you (save the real geeks among you) know that this quotation comes from British science fiction writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s “Hazards of Prophecy: The Failure of Imagination,” in which he posits three universal truths of scientific prediction.
A conversation with Katie Day (founder and artistic director of The Other Way Works company) about her latest productions and why is important for her to work with new technology tools.
Interview with Mirko Stojkovic dramaturg, video game developer and university teacher about monomyths, nano-spectacles and avatars.
I love conferences. It’s not just about learning new things and visiting ‘other’ interesting places (both of which are always a bonus) but because they get me out of the office and give me time to think. The freedom to think at conference is my guilty pleasure. Guilty because I probably don’t listen intently enough but a pleasure because instead of listening, I can let my mind wander.


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