Egnsteater i Vordingborg Kommune
DK-4760 Vordingborg

Cantabile 2 har been a regional theatre company in Vordingborg since 1990 and is internationally recognized.

The company creates Human Specific performances where the central aspect involves the meeting between people. Cantabile 2 works both locally, as well as internationally, including site specific performances, events and festivals. Since 1991, Cantabile 2 has arranged the international festival for performance and theatre "Waves Festival" that takes place in Vordingborg, biannually in the last week of August.

In the last decade, the work of Cantabile 2 has been focused on the development of the Human Specific genre, based on the intimate meeting of the performer and audience. this type of performance relates directly to the audiences as individuals. Among the latest Human Specific performances of Cantabile 2 are The Venus Labyrinth, Seek to Seek and Life Live!

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