34 Inver Road
D07 A2Y4 Dublin 7

I am a highly motivated, energetic arts manager and love my chosen field. Over 20 years I have produced large-scale, innovative and ambitious artistic programmes and gained extensive experience in all areas of arts management including fundraising, finance, logistical planning, touring, marketing, human resources, strategic planning and governance. I have been driven by my passion for the arts to contribute voluntarily to the set-up and strategic development of many arts organisations at board and committee level. As a performer I have great empathy and respect for artists and an innate sensitivity to their work and process. I see the role of the artist as pivotal in a self-reflective society and believe artistic endeavour at every level should be supported and nurtured. I believe artists play a vital role in communities and that engagement with and participation in the arts can improve the quality of life of citizens.

Dance, Theatre