48 rue d'Armorique
29200 Brest

Teatr Piba is a professional theatre company born and established in Brest - Brittany, France in 2009.
The creation of the company is the logical result of the encounters and collaborations of various artists such as actors, musicians, or directors, united by Breton language. Their crossed career paths and shared experiences lead them to a common desire: a lively and contemporary theatre in Breton.

Since its creation, Teatr Piba considers its artistic work as being an active part of a land: the company defends the idea of a living theatre based on human links, on tangible ties that can only be straightened by time. At the same time, the projects of the company draw the paths of travels, absolutely connected with 'the world outside'... This travel is deeply conscious of the necessity of going back and forth between territories and exiles, as a driving force for a poetical vision, as a fragile but precious balance between the geography of the homeland and the geography of the imagination.

The company has produced about ten original creations seen by more than 20,000 spectators in France, Lao PDR and the United Kingdom:

An Diri Dir-Stairs of Steel - Labourva #1 – Experimental creation – Youenn Gwernig - 2010
Eden Bouyabes - Creation – Erwan Cloarec- 2010
Al Liorzhour- The gardener – Play for young audience – Mike Kenny - Creation - 2012
Metamorfoz - Creation – Erwan Cloarec, Aziliz Bourges -2014
Kaozioù/Rumours – Creation - In cooperation with Khao Niew Company – Lao PDR - 2014
Jardin – Outdoor and community cast play - 2015
Ar Maezioù – The country - Radio drama – Martin Crimp - 2015
Tiez brav a oa ganeomp - Labourva #3 - 2016
Merc'h an Eog I Merch yr Eog – International and multilingual play , in cooperation with Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru - Creation – Owen Martell, Aziliz Bourges - 2016
Lampedusa Beach, Lampedusa Snow - Radio drama – Lina Prosa - 2016
Lampedusa Way - Radio drama – Lina Prosa - 2017
Paotr e valizenn – Boy with a suitcase - Radio drama for young audience – Mike Kenny - 2017
Emesa's Song - Radio drama - 2018
SpluJ - Labourva #4 - 2018
Les Echelles de nuages / Skeulioù er C'houmoul - Creation for Young Audiences in Radio - 2019
Donvor - Creation - 2020

New technologies, Playwriting, Site specific work, Theatre, Youth Theatre