Fesenkivskyi entrance 9
61068 Kharkiv

theatre-urban festival
aimed to rethink city identity with art

Kharkiv often identifies itself with statement that it's the first capital of Ukraine. Which is actually false. Ukraine had a lot of capitals but it never was here. Kharkiv was a capital of Soviet Ukraine but not independent country.

Parade - tradition in totalitarian countries was not only representation of goals, treasures or troops and weapon, it has very deep religious meaning, from christian processions to pagan fest day. In another matter it finished the war, which is very important for Ukraine now.

The idea of the festival is to reevaluate meanings and statements about Kharkiv ambitions as the capital with the tools of kitsch, burlesque and hyperbola. We will try to implement it in three ways.

Showcase (ukrainian and foreign shows in different aesthetics: physical theater, puppet theater, new opera etc. which represents the main concept)
Educational program includes workshops for theater managers, actors and directors.
Urban program - the biggest part of the festival.

Dance, New technologies, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Puppetry / Object Theatre, Street arts, Site specific work, Theatre