Rue Dethy 39
1060 Saint Gilles

Medeber Teatro is a performing arts company working at the intersection between theatre, dance, video and poetry. We promote the use of artistic practices as means of intercultural integration and social promotion, fostering audience engagement through participatory performances, integrated workshops and research processes.

Since 2011 the company has conducted workshops aimed at strengthening language learning through theatre, while also promoting projects and artistic activities characterised aimed at individual and social emancipation through the performing arts.
In our practice, we rely on theatre practices and on poetry as means of intercultural integration and social promotion, opening up original spaces for interaction with the public, whether in ordinary theatrical contexts, site-specific contexts or with participatory performances. Through poetry and theatre, we seek to stimulate the public's appropriation of their creativity and imagination. Each individual is the creative author of a very particular vision of the world, who needs to communicate and interact with the rest of the authors in the world. The possibilities for interaction are multiple and, as children teach us, they do not need to be based on literal understanding of the other. Relationships can be built on many levels, which we all experience in our daily lives. With Medeber Teatro we propose an artistic practice, and participatory workshops aim to create relationships based on the potential of each person's imagination.

Medeber Teatro was founded in London in 2015 and moved to Brussels in November 2017, becoming immediately very active in the context of Saint Gilles Municipality where we are based. Here we regularly conduct theatre, movement and poetry workshops in Italian for Italian migrants and for people wishing to practice and discover the language as well as developing participatory projects where the audience becomes the protagonists of our performances. Since 2018 we collaborate with the association La Concertation ASBL, and we are partners of AiF+ VZW. In January 2019 we incorporated as a non-profit organisation.

Dance, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Playwriting, Site specific work, Theatre