1 Place Pillain
36150 Vatan

LA Pratique is a multidisciplinary artist residency established in Vatan, Indre, France. La Pratique is based in a very rural area. Since June 2016, La Pratique is now considered as "Atelier de fabrique artistique" and is supported by the Ministry. All year long, it welcomes artists from all over the world into its workspaces, suitable for further developing their current work and research.
We believe that artists should be provided with work time without the obligation of delivering a concrete working step; thus considering our residency program as an intermediary space : La Pratique is not a place for diffusion and production, it is a place of research, exploration and experimentation. As such, we are mostly looking forward to working with artists at an early stage of their project, even if we happily study every proposal.
We are at the very beginning of the project, our idea being to find other artistic residencies programs in Europe and create exchange programs.

Dance, Music Theatre, Performance Art, Theatre