41 rue Rene Leynaud
69001 Lyon

Union Tanguera is a dance company. Union Tanguera was born from Claudia Codega and Esteban Moreno’s commitment and willpower to document, teach, and bring to the stage Argentinean tango profoundly real, authentic and modern.
Union Tanguera’ve produced and created “Efecto Tango” (2005), “Tango Vivo” (2008) and “Nuit Blanche” (2010) among other collaborations. All three productions where co- produced with Lyon’s Maison de la Danse and association Tango de Soie from Lyon where Esteban Moreno is associated artist and former.
We work in network with different organizations in Europe and USA developing traditional and contemporary dance forms. We work in different country in Europe, America and Asia, always sharing body, dance and music experiences and Argentinean tango with professional and non-professional people, tango practices/practicers and audiences.

Dance, Music Theatre, Other