2104/212 Margaret St
4000 Brisbane

>2015 Disconnected<
(Public space installation)
Disconnected was a site specific work performed using electronic loops and classical singers. The work was performed in public ‘through’ spaces and encouraged audience participation in thoughoughfare spaces.

>2014 The Void and the Light<
(dance opera)
This work formed the major creative aspect of my practice-led PhD. Through the development of the work I was able to create a new collaborative model for multidisciplinary practice in small to medium ensembles.

>2013 Dust<
(contemporary dance/opera), Phoenix Immortalis (opera/circus), Gaia (contemporary dance/opera)
These works were smaller installation pieces that experimented with physicality and the classical voice.

>2010 Bedlam<
(contemporary opera/light mapping)
This work explored the fusion of heritage art forms with popular culture and immersive performance space. The work made geavy use of light mapping and 3 dimensional sets.

I am currently working as an independent producer and collaborator. I am developing several works :

>The Red River (in collaboration with Deakin Motion Lab)<
This is a chamber opera that will explore the potential of 3D projected sets and VR to create total immersion for audiences. It examines drought in Australia.

>The Void and the Light (in collaboration with JWCoCA and Access Arts)<
I am planning a remount of my previous work using deaf dancers and a dual signing narrator from Access Arts. The work will explore the potential of creating new work for hearing impared audiences using a collaboration between hearing and non-hearing impared artists.

>Counterfeit Intimacy (in collaboration with Lena Marlene)<
This is a verbatim theatre piece I am developing to explore the humanisation of sex workers. It aims to breakdown sterotypes associated with sex workers and explore gender binaries and biases.

> Installation works <
My main interest is immersive performance space. I am currently experimenting with VR using the Samsung Gear and 360 to creative site-specific performances installations to be viewed by individuals.

Circus, Dance, Music Theatre, New technologies, Performance Art