12 rue Agrippa d' Aubigné
63000 Clermont-ferrand

The company works on artistic projects with young people since 2001, one of the first who works with this public in France. In 2010, the company obtains a new label “Center of creation and artistic education for the youngsters”. The artistic approach is a continual search for acts of citizenship to encourage creative projects for and by young people. Thus the company searches for the universality of the voice of these adolescents and aims to facilitate the transmission and circulation of ideas between different communities both human and cultural. The company reaches out to young people via artistic workshops (drama, accompaniment to writing...) in a wide range of venues including artistic structures, community centers, schools... The Theatre du Pélican meets over 200 young people each year and invites volunteers to add to our creative force. The diversity of their origins and their enthusiastic commitment is the hallmark of all our artistic creations.

Theatre, Youth Theatre