Hunyadi János u. 11.
1011 Budapest

Pro Progressione BT. – Culture in progress is an Agency for cultural management. Founded in 2010 in Budapest, the agency has been active in three main fields, all related to performing arts: organizing national and international performances, participating in production processes and representing the works of the cultural community in Hungary and beyond.
The overall objective leading us to these three domains is to create an international network of artists, institutions and audiences by helping the community to find paths towards their arts and dreams come true. This is a particular challenge in Central-Eastern Europe and the Balkans, thus we consider the whole region as one, with every country having their own particular conditions, character, difficulties or advantages.


As performing arts tend to work regardless to certain geographical boundaries, and as arts financing has been facing a difficult phase, one of our main approaches is cooperating with international partners in order to find optimal finances and strengthen the vision of unity in the European culture. This perspective directly led us to the aim of bringing Hungarian companies abroad and inviting international productions to Hungary. Concerning production, the agency has been participating as a financial and organizational partner in several international, mainly european projects of contemporary character. In this regard, we find particularly valuable the strengthening of the performing arts field – and mainly contemporary dance – in Central-Eastern Europe and the Balkans, as well as cooperation between different parts of the continent.


Over the past years Pro Progressione has been also active in the organization of several workshops and festivals of international character in Hungary. Among them: SzólóDuó International Dance Festival, DunaPart – Platform of Hungarian performing arts, MonoDance: International Dance Festival for solo performances. We keep participating in these projects and their upcoming editions in order to promote Hungarian artists and to bring thrilling performances to the audience of the country. We are particularly concerned in the promotion of contemporary approaches in dance, always pushing forward the limits of the reception by the audience. Contemporary dance being quite abstract sometimes, our aim is to help understanding its underlying ways of reading that the audience gets able to read them as freely as possible, seeing beyond the actual theater stage.


Pro Progressione is active in a wide range of cultural associations: IETM, Association of Independent Theatres in Hungary, Association of Minority Theaters in Hungary.

Circus, Dance, New technologies, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Street arts, Site specific work, Theatre