Eikelstraat 25-31
2600 Berchem

Platform 0090 is a sustainable international contemporary art platform.
Platform 0090 is a workspace and hub for research, creation, residency, production and presentation of multi-disciplinaryart referring to the 'Middle West'.
Platform 0090 transforms emerging synergies into artistic processes. It is part of a broad, substantial international network of artists and partners.
Platform 0090's activities are driven by the artists' demand for more contact and exchanges and by the urgent need for an active support of the creative processes. We work towards a professional platform where initial interaction is further deepened and stimulated.
Platform 0090 has a nomadic structure, 'a house without a house'.lt chooses not to possess its own space but instead collaborates with existing structures, in order to create alternative spaces and offer those to artists and audiences.
Platform 0090 enjoys working together with others but is also capable of providing expertise. Ultimately, the aim is to enhance a sustainable and more profound relationship between all involved parties.
Making full use of an international network of partners in Belgium, Germany, UK, the Netherlands and Turkey, Platform 0090 aims to offer a combination of research (platform), production (arts centre) and the organisation of first presentations (management company).