Dachauerstr. 112d
80636 München

PATHOS münchen is one of the most distinguished free theatres of Munich. Its organizational form is the holding association "Theater&Company e.V."
Continual change and re-invention of itself is the mission of PATHOS münchen since its foundation in 1982. By its affinity to the most relevant current social issues, Pathos has taken part in the discourse of cultural politics in Munich for many years now, both on the theatre stage and beyond.
Its production programme incessantly probes into social and political development and is subject to ongoing scrutiny and redesign. Besides the discovery and fostering of emerging talents, Pathos has worked with many established artists and performance groups. In PATHOS münchen artists coming from all sectors of the art world – music, performance, theatre, visual arts - are welcome. PATHOS münchen is co-producing with national and international artists and performance places.

Dance, Performance Art, Site specific work, Theatre