Hoogstraat 18
4331KR Middelburg

Theatre productions and festival in Zeeland
Theaterproductiehuis Zeelandia offers (young) professional theatre makers from the Netherlands and Flanders opportunities to produce new work in Zeeland. Yearly Zeelandia produces six productions in different genres (theatre, music theatre, dance, opera). Two productions go on tour in the Netherlands and Flanders. Four site specific productions are produced for the annual Zeeland Nazomerfestival, that is organised by Zeelandia.

Zeeland Nazomerfestival is a well known event of national importance and exists since 2001. Specific sites, characteristic for the Zeeland landscape, inspire artists and offer unique settings for the festival productions. The festival heart in the historical setting of the Middelburg Abbey, offers a great variety of cultural events in different genres (theatre, dance, literature, plastic arts and lots of concerts). The annual Zeeland Nazomerfestival starts every last Tuesday of August and lasts for twelve days. It attracts some 30.000 spectators per year.

Zeelandia stimulates close collaboration between performing artists from both Flanders and the Netherlands. Due to the geographic position of Zeeland, its historical bond with neighbouring Flanders and its language idiom, this Province in the South West of the Netherlands offers ideal conditions for artistic collaboration between these two countries. Since 2009 Zeelandia has been recognised by the Dutch government as a production house of national importance within the basic arts infrastructure of the Netherlands.

Music Theatre, Performance Art, Theatre