16 rue Marcel Lamant
94200 Ivry Sur Seine

The purpose of the Association Arsene is to promote and diffuse contemporary art, a contemporary art that is concerned with engaging different audiences, and with posing the question of its mediation in the very process of its creation. The Association Arsène addresses these subjects using various forms, including the theatrical. A close relative of `Pataphysics, Daily-Bul, fluxus or botulism, Art Tangent, as an artistic movement, follows this approach.

The Association Arsene is looking for artistic and cultural partners to share a reflection on what could be a european Art Tangent.

"We cannot know the taste of pineapple by listening to traveller's tale" is, for exemple, a new drama taking part in Art Tangent. We would like to invite new artistic collaborations to go on imagining a series of propositions tracing new paths, outside of France, accross European contemporary culture.

Our project seeks to establish strong ties between European and international partners. The objective, in developing these relations, is to develop a contributory artistic movement and a reflection on art, to set up an on-going activity, to create projects and possibilities for co-writing and co-realisation, and well as for the sharing of sensory experiences.

The website, interactive platform of the Professor Swedenborg Foundation for Contemporary Art, which we would like to develop, will both constitute a repertoire of the artworks and actions carried out, and will be a permanent way of creating and continuing contact between the different actors (in the broadest sense) of Art Tangent.

Performance Art, Site specific work, Theatre