Oesterholzstrasse 122
44145 Dortmund

artscenico performing arts : production and realization of interdisciplinary artistic projects
Based in the Ruhr area in Dortmund, artscenico has been working as an independent company since 1991, staging theatre and dance productions as well as multi-disciplinary performances. As a company "without a real home" the artistic work focuses on special spaces and places. Site-specific productions have become the main field of interest for artscenico`s artistic realizations over the last years.
Abandoned industrial wasteland, former factory halls, public parks and other non-theatre places lay the foundations for new and unusual pieces of art derived from the different perspectives of many artists and realms of arts including the artistic work of dancers, actors, authors and singers as well as photographers, film-makers, authors, musicians and even scientists or athletes.
artscenico is a public non benefit organization.
Artistic director: Rolf Dennemann

Dance, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Playwriting, Street arts, Site specific work, Theatre