De Wittenstraat 27
1052AK Amsterdam

Likeminds is a group of young urban artists. They write, direct and perform their own theatre plays. The stories they tell could be characterized as personal, contemporary and edgy. As a whole, Likeminds is the voice of the ever changing world. In this world, conventions and biased characterizations are meaningless, because they lack dynamic thoughts. The world of Likeminds is a world without borders and boxes. This world is a network-based, liquid and dynamic example of modern day life.
Likeminds once started as a platform, where young self-made artists could develop themselves and their artistic signature. It grew out to be a group of professional artists, with theatre as their core business. As in the circle of life, their aim is to produce plays on the one hand, but also to pass on their knowledge to a new group of talents. They take responsibility for maintaining the voice of Likeminds, by giving the younger generation workshops and coaching them during the production process of a new play.
Likeminds is the voice of a generation and enables young professional artists in their primal need, the right to be heard.

Performance Art, Playwriting, Site specific work, Theatre