PTA 1164 Pieta

rubberbodies is a multi-disciplinary artist collective based on the island of Malta. Our collaborations arise from an addiction to create and a curiosity towards the other. rubberbodies’ method is based on devised work and no restrictions of what to do and how to arrive to it is made. By exchanging techniques and approaches, we are always seeking what is most alive, integrating text, music, image and action. Our interest is to interweave, change and fertilise each others’ artistic visions and find ways of bringing to life our visual conceptions.

The collective aims to integrate art as a category in a society that builds expectations, values and roles based on a controlled system generated by the powerful bodies of religion, politics and the media. We use art and our bodies to address culturally determined perceptions by creating spaces for the observation of serious social and political issues.

Dance, New technologies, Performance Art, Site specific work, Theatre