4 avenue de Villeneuve Saint-Georges
94600 Choisy-le-Roi

The artistic project which has been running for the past two years under Cécile Marie’s leadership has resulted in the Théâtre Paul Eluard being involved in international co-productions, promoting residences and supporting artistic collaborations between France and other countries. It is therefore a place where the focus is very much on creations “without borders”, with contemporary pieces from several countries being performed and in dialogue with an eclectic programme.
“Making the world visible” is the objective that motivates everything we do. In our intense cultural activity there is an ongoing link with the artists who come from abroad. In our approaches directed at the public, our desire is to include them in what we do, to awaken people’s curiosity and support them in making discoveries.

In constant dialogue with artists, we wanted to reflect on the challenges of translating works in the performing arts so that they are seen more widely in Europe, and in particular question the choices available when these productions are being created. In a multilingual Europe, what are we doing to understand its artistic offering and what means are used to do so? Translation lies at the heart of this dialogue and of intercultural practices, and it stimulates new forms. Theatrical translation is a dramaturgical activity more than a linguistic one. On this point, within a network of partners, our desire is to cooperate in promoting the development of artistic projects by attaching great importance to these issues and support them by co-producing work, offering creative residences in our theatre and making time to present the shows that emerge at the end of the process.

Circus, Dance, Physical Theatre, Puppetry / Object Theatre, Theatre, Youth Theatre