Carice Milice 9
78 000 Banjaluka
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mission of CITY THEATRE JAZAVAC is to discover and promote young artists and to offer to the public a theatre art as a communication and dialogue on current and everyday topics of their interest, with which they are faced with.


You have always been thinking about a place where you feel at home, where you will gladly keep returning and bring your friends, children, parents and partners. A place where you grew up, matured and took your place. That place is CITY THEATRE JAZAVAC, which perceives itself as a theatre that mainly deals with current social issues. Theatre as a place of soul-searching, leaving to the public both the time to contemplate and many questions even after the play. A place to establish young artists, place of animation and provocation for the public.


CITY THEATRE JAZAVAC will simultaneously develop four programmes: Besides the evening and children stages, there are also plans for teenager stage, which has a huge sociological importance in the development of the future public. The doors are wide open for the youngest writers and directors; a modern and advanced approach was developed which does not offer the children an idealized picture of reality, but confronts the youngest viewers, in an age-appropriate form, with the most provoking life issues. In the drama studio, adapted to the age and experience, specific tasks are being mastered through the games and various interesting and attractive forms of group and individual work and techniques the actors face. Also, general educational-upbringing tasks are accomplished which contribute to the personal development and acquiring of cultural habits. Basic preparations and ability-check for the studies of acting, staging, dramaturgy, as well as for the studies of phonetics, literature and psychology also take place in the drama studio.

Business goals

The basic goal of an institution of culture today should be self-sustainability as a manner by which the institutions aims to improve the level of cultural life, to become the actor in the field of culture policy and to enable strengthening of an open society.