Ravensteinstreet 18
1000 Brussels

Moussem started in 2001 as a festival and has since grown into a fullyfledged, nomadic arts centre. As an international crossroads for contemporary artists with a link to, or openness towards, the Arab world, a varied urban audience in regular arts establishments in Flanders, Brussels and Europe, Moussem produces and presents
an array of exciting artistic creations.
Moussem also reflects on the implications of globalisation and internationalisation on our society and its impact on the arts in Flanders and Europe. Moussem provides a new and universal language which will hopefully consign the dated contrast of ‘western versus world cultures’ to the scrap heap for good. While Moussem supports artists of culturally diverse backgrounds in Europe, it also embraces indigenous European artists who are open to broadening their own frames of reference. In this way, we hope to help develop a new global cultural canon.

Dance, Music Theatre, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Playwriting, Theatre, Youth Theatre