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Art Of Spectra/ Peter Svenzon – Biography and information

Art Of Spectra
The message is punchy and unmistakeable but candid and filled with risk. Whilst Peter Svenzon and his Art of Spectras mode of expression is based in flux and change the one constant is dialogue- dialogue with the audience, amongst the dancers, between the different methods and techniques of expression and with the location.
This is theatre which exists at the heart of society without ever resorting to literal illustration. Movement, sound, lights, pictures and words occupy the same space without value or hierarchy. This is art which speaks to all and is therefore immediate and inclusive. Art of Spectras performances question notions of speech and memory, identity and gender, morals and power. The form is always investigative and the language open.
Since its inception in 1998 Peter Svenzon has created almost 30 works and collaborated with a substantial amount of artists, musicians, directors and actors from many differing theatrical genres. His own musical compositions, often electronic in form, provide the basis onto which invited musicians can play in real time. The company has placed great importance on its peripatetic collaborations and residences both at home and abroad often focussing its attention on work with young people. Workshops, lectures and projects aimed at finding a new dance audience have always been a cornerstone in the working commitment of Art of Spectra.
Indeed if the work of Art of Spectra is about finding a new practice and mode of expression then they also have to focus on finding a new audience. One which is outside the traditional dance audience.
Based in West Sweden but working often in the international arena Art of Spectras growing reputation and broad range of contacts mean that, more often than not, international dancers are applying to work with the company. The cultural exchange provided by new project means that the flow of ideas travels in two directions enriching the work both locally and internationally during the extensive touring program undertaken by the company.
The last five years, the company has done more international work such as residencies, tours and appearances on festivals and this coming year sees continued exciting projects and collaborations across Europe and at home in Sweden. International cooperation and collaborations are essential for expanding the modes of expression; not only the choreographic language but also the fieldwork and research made possible by interview, conversation and documentation as well as visual images.
Peter Svenzon and Ulrika Fernqvist, both with backgrounds in music and dance, have with the formation of Art of Spectra 15 years ago searched for an open multi-facetted expression where dance, theatre, music and graphic art become a new hybrid form of theatre with a quality almost within the realms of the cinematographic sphere.
In Svenzon’s work “FRAGMENT”(2014) the last part of the trilogy “I REMEMBER” there are visual and conceptual connections with the 1960’s experimental work of those such as Robert Ashley, John Cage and Yvonne Rainer. Extracts from Robert Ashley’s “THAT MORNING THING” (1967) are used to great effect by Svenzon to meld together real life stories told by the dancers, musicians and other members of the ensemble. Svenzon’s early life as hip hop dancer, his background in martial arts and fascination for drum’n’bass music push the envelope of the early 60’s radicalism even further. His language is informed by this subculture and alternative scene and the cross fertilisation of past and present modernism ties together two apparently disparate worlds into a new meaningful idiom. His breakdance background has informed a sense of fearless risk taking, a vibrant insecurity and curiously, at the same time, a delicate closeness.
The Choreographer, Peter Svenzon has created dance works for Gothenburg Opera and Dansens Hus among others, throughout his career he also choreographed theatre with directors such as Lars Norén, Sweden's most prominent playwrights.
In 2014, Peter creates a new piece for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.
Art Of Spectras Peter Svenzon and Ulriqa Fernqvist were priced im 2013 with the prestigiest award; STENA FOUNDATION CULTURE PRICE
- The choreography, as always with Svenzonʼs work, is physical, demanding and violent. It demands dancers with hypersensitivity to timing and clear phrasing…
…with the women lifting, throwing and carrying and the men gentle in an embrace there are no traditional gender roles here.
… However Art of Spectra is not a one sided company and the show contains more than just brutality…
- The choreography is indeed demarcated and strong.
Lis Hellström Svenningsson/ GP/ SWE
- Art of Spectra features a company of dancers so grounded you couldn't knock them over with a bulldozer, this is a good thing.
Article 19/ UK
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