48 rue d'Armorique
29200 Brest

Based in Brest since May 2000, the company Dérézo, follower of a polysemous theatre, offers atypical spectacular forms. From a genre to another, indoor or in open air, the company asserts the need to formulate a critical approach of our era, without giving up on a festive mind or a civic commitment. As researchers, the company’s artists create the possibility of a poetic act pushed to its limit : politics. In that sense, living authors willing to research are summoned. Powerful factory of a collective desire to unsettle the ability of understanding and to refute the comical idea (but so widespread) of Art without an artist.

In the heart of the city, Dérézo greets the words, the fantasy, and the anxiety of the inhabitants, to reassert and re-enchant the fact that being together is an effort, a responsibility, a weapon.

Music Theatre, New technologies, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Street arts, Theatre