Oostersingel 70
8921 GB Leeuwarden

Tryater performs theatre in and from Friesland for adults, youth and children. We act in and with the Frisian language, using it as a source of inspiration in the multilingual reality of Friesland. Tryater takes theatre to a wide public, offering an artistic experience, an opening for nuanced reflection, encounters and dialogue. To a large degree, Tryater creates the conditions for vibrantly and sustainably developing the cultural climate in Friesland and the north of the Netherlands. Tryater presents itself as deeply rooted in the area. The exchange of thoughts between the players and the audience is intensive, and we not only meet our public in theatres, but also in village halls, sports halls and schools. By performing on location we invite people to experience their everyday surroundings in a new way. This ‘Tryater way of working’, of connecting with our surroundings, forms the core of what we stand for and it’s what makes us unique in the world of theatre. Our youth theatre encourages curiosity, free thinking and the powers of the imagination. Tryater is a company subsidised by the Dutch government. Ira Judkovskaja (Moskou, 1975) has been the artistic director since 2008.

Theatre, Youth Theatre