Gregorčičeva 3
1000 Ljubljana

"glej" = "to watch"

Glej Theatre is Slovenia’s oldest independent theatre. Founded back in 1970, this experimental venue and production house has been led through the decades by young theatre creators, many of whom are Slovenia’s most well known theatre practitioners today: among others Dušan Jovanović, Janez Pipan, Eduard Miller, Nevenka Koprivšek, Matjaž Pograjc, Bojan Jablanovec, Tomi Janežič, Sebastijan Horvat, Diego DeBrea, Jure Novak, Marko (Mare) Bulc etc.

Glej produces and hosts research theatre projects focusing on original works and theatre and now.
We are interested in new, current contents and artistic expressions that can be clearly mediated. Our response to the living core of the creative community is a response to the key issues of the space and time. We support what is not supported elsewhere: young, fresh, authors, performers.
We are focused on artist development.
We decided not to focus on producing works, but on producing and developing artists.
We are the curator as well as producer. By opening up the processes and sharing responsibility we cooperate with the artists from conception to post-production. We seek opportunities for them outside the production itself. We link the education and visiting projects to the contents and needs of the artists; together with them we seek contacts and ties in the international space as well as in other Slovene regions.

Thus Glej has set the following focal points:
- Culturally empowering those groups who are in the most dire need of a space for artistic expression and contents adjusted to fit these groups;
- Developing and supporting artists, as this will ensure continuous cultural production and the development of tools and opportunities for future work;
- focusing on the needs, demands and wishes of the local community and providing contents and approaches that this space and public need.

The team
Inga Remeta

chairwoman, program manager, leader of youth and educational projects, producer
[email protected]

Barbara Poček

educational and residence programs manager, international projects, producer
[email protected]

Anja Pirnat

project manager, producer
[email protected]

Tjaša Pureber

public relations and marketing
[email protected]

Grega Mohorčič

technical director
[email protected]

Performance Art, Puppetry / Object Theatre, Theatre, Youth Theatre