Rue Picard, 202
1080 Brussels

Sideways is a mobile festival for contemporary arts and cultural research. In times of acceleration and hyper-mobility, this nomadic initiative follows a web of slow paths. Artists and public explore several sideways in the landscape: walking trails, field tracks and shortcuts. Behind the ribbon development and in the margins of the car infrastructure, a terra incognito appears as such, a fluid inter-space of passages, tracks and stories. From that sideline a research unfolds around being on the way, slowness and creation, arts and ecology, im/mobility and activism, spatial dis/order and landscape.

The Sideways Walking Arts Festival is an experiment in form and content: the staging of a 4 week long walking journey through Belgium, from west to east, stepped by the broad audience and by an international group of artists taking part in the mobile residency and the artistic laboratory. An expedition without an unambiguous/clear destination, with space for detours and encounters, mapped and documented via the DonkeyXote, our multimedia donkey/office. During the weekends, the artistic caravan comes to a halt, the different lines of movement and story are threaded and programme unfolds itself in open air with interventions, walkshops, talks and walks, performance, installations, etc...

Circus, Dance, Music Theatre, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Street arts