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The institute's production activity, developing in the area of performing arts and video, primarily focuses on art projects, which aim to develop their own specific procedures, processes and codes of work. Thus, the institute EMANAT constitutes and generates a community, interested in exchange, communication and articulation of the actuality of contemporary society and its individuals. One of the principal aims of production activity is the formation of production conditions for artists, who may, by way of exchange, form and improve their own visions of the art of dance.

Emanat has produced works by following artists: Maja Delak, Matija Ferlin, Luka Prinčič, Nina Fajdiga, Urška Vohar, Jasmina Križaj, Tina Valentan, Eric Dean Scott, Marijs Boulogne, Matej Kejžar.

Educational activities work as a platform for development and research of potentials of both the young dancers in the beginning of their creative path as well as the already formed professional dancers, who wish to develop the area of contemporary dance and their own creative procedures. The aim of the educational programmes, conceived as a dialogical exchange of creative individuals, is to give a fresh impetus to the artists, thus contributing to the development and success of the art of dance.
Within Educational activities Emanat is focusing on programs Agon, Children and youth regular classes in Puppet Theater in Ljubljana and collaboration with Pre-Education School and gramar school Ljubljana.

The publishing activity is intended to publishing domestic and translated works from the areas, which are in different, also potential, ways connected with dance and may bring and expand this activity to other areas and visa versa, and which constitute the elements of connections, which may reside also in the dance medium. The publishing programme is opening up the themes, where the chiasm of areas occurs. At the same time, it is committed to topical articulation of contents and elements, which are of pivotal significance for the development and existence of the art of dance, and to the opening up of questions, which present an impetus for further growth of the field.

Dance, New technologies, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Site specific work, Theatre