Jurányi u. 1-3.
1027 Budapest

The Symptoms is a 17-year old performance group constantly looking for new ways of expression, of making an impact and making people think, feel and connect. They move freely across genres – they believe in the infinity of expression, the healing power of humour, and personality. They believe if they dig deep enough, they will get to the common human experience.

Each of their productions is a different world and has a new language. Their creations are thought-provoking, dramatic, unfeigned and liberating. They are in dialogue with today – they have created shows for the big and the small stage, documentaries, video blogs, theatrical adventure games, dance theatre in education works for high school students, and they offer morning gymnastics classes and workshops as well.

They have toured all over Europe and also in the USA with their performances. In Hungary, they have a wide audience base, their regular co-producing partner being Trafó House of Contemporary Arts. Their documentary, The Euphoria of Being, which is Réka Szabó’s first full-length movie, has won the Critics Week’s Grand Prix for best documentary at the Locarno Film Festival and the Human Rights Award of Sarajevo Film Festival. The movie follows through the rehearsals of the show „Sea Lavender”.
The company’s artistic director is director/choreographer/performer Réka Szabó, who is also a lecturer of Mathematics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Réka Szabó regularly teaches workshops on her own or together with Dániel Szász, founding member and dancer of The Symptoms. The 3-5-days workshops focus on performing qualities and the fearless use of different means of expression. „What does it take to be personal on stage without being private? How does stage presence become authentic and powerful? How can we allow to be watched? How to remain vulnerable but not defenceless? We work with movement, text, sound and pictures – we experiment with how to step forward from behind our usual bastions in a performance situation.” (Réka Szabó)
In Spring 2019, Réka held trainings for acting and dance classes of the University of Michigan-Dearborn in the USA.
The Symptoms_Lab experimental theatrical unit is a project in the frame of The Symptoms’ work. Their goal is to find a theatrical language that gets people involved and provokes them to interact. Part of their work is Theatre Adventure Game, in which the participants unravel the story in small groups while finding the locations, meeting and connecting with the actors, to reach the solution and to become an essential part of the story themselves.
The Symptoms like to collaborate with companies and educational institutions who, like them, look for the chance to address important social issues while engaging the audience.

Dance, New technologies, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Site specific work, Theatre