Dokka 3A – K60
1671 Kraakeroy

Scenekunst Østfold is a regional theatre based in Fredrikstad in southeastern Norway, and is part of Østfold kulturutvikling (Østfold Cultural Development), an organisation focusing on regional development through art and culture. Scenekunst Østfold produces, co-produces, and presents a broad spectrum of regional, national and international performing artists within a wide variety of contexts. In addition to text-based theatre, physical and visual stage arts are central to programming, including contemporary dance and circus. This frequently takes the form of residencies comprising public performances, workshops, seminars, lectures, and philosophical conversations. The ancillary activities are tailored to cultural schools, high schools, businesses, and professional artists in the region. This has been complemented by a series of jazz and classical music concerts supported by Arts Council Norway.

In 2014 Scenekunst Østfold became the only Norwegian member of IN SITU. Since joining the network there has been increasing emphasis on innovative, trans-disciplinary art in the public realm, exploring creative strategies in former industrial sites, urban areas and the natural landscape. This has enabled Scenekunst Østfold to encounter new audiences, establish itself as an actor in processes of city and regional development, and cooperate with a diverse new range of local partners.

Circus, Dance, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Puppetry / Object Theatre, Street arts, Site specific work, Theatre