21 Munro House
LS9 8AG Leeds
United Kingdom

• To inspire audiences to want to help change the world (for the better)
• To do this by telling uplifting stories and creating unique, participatory experiences
• To share our stories across many platforms with people throughout the UK and internationally.

• Formed in Leeds in 1997, Unlimited is what happens when the artists Clare Duffy, Jon Spooner and Chris Thorpe make new work together
• Whenever possible, work is always co-created with equal partnership
• Collaboration across sectors is a key principle and we work with an ever increasing pool of associate artists, scientists, technologists and educators
• At our work’s heart is a sincere desire to encourage participation from audiences – both in the process and moment of (co)creation.
• While our work is mostly for live performance and often happens in theatres, increasingly it is made with a ‘cross-platform curiosity’ – that is, with a desire to make and distribute the work in other places (e.g. outdoors; in galleries and museums; for broadcast and the internet) but still and always with an emphasis on the ‘liveness’ of that experience for our audiences
• We tour extensively in the UK and overseas
• We are committed to evolving new ideas that inspire us and our audiences to develop and (where appropriate or necessary) shift our understanding of the world and our place in it
• We are committed to developing and creating the most creative and enjoyable environments for all our staff, freelancers and audiences to work and play in. Everyone should feel valued, safe and happy when working with us.

• Empathy, generosity and collaboration in partnerships
• Rigour, curiosity and optimism in processes
Innovation, adventure and brilliance in presentations

New technologies, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Playwriting, Street arts, Site specific work, Theatre