96, avenue Ducpétiaux
1060 Brussels

Arts Management Agency (AMA) is a production house based in Brussels and founded by France Morin. AMA is chiefly oriented towards supporting projects in the performing Arts. AMA provides the optimal conditions in which to build together, with the artists it supports, a structure that is conducive to their creations and experimentations, as well as the distribution and sustainability of their projects.
AMA offers tailor-made support to each artist and project, ranging from pre-production to production, from administration to financial management, from tour management to post-production.
In addition, supported under the framework agreement for cooperation between Belgium and Senegal since 2009, AMA and the Senegalese association FOTTI have created the itinerant art center Younouss Diallo in Senegal to jointly develop training projects and artistic events in the fields of theatre and cinema.

Dance, Performance Art, Site specific work