32 Melton Road
B14 7DA Birmingham
United Kingdom


The Other Way Works creates playful theatre that immerses our audiences in the story. The intimate scenarios we create allow our audiences to explore places and perspectives anew, provoking them to change the way they live their lives.

We are leading a new wave of theatre makers re-inventing the way people engage with culture, using real world spaces and emerging technologies.

The Company is made up of a group of talented artists brought together under the artistic direction of Katie Day.

“The Other Way Works is successfully exploring the possibilities of what theatre can and might be”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian Newspaper

“The Other Way Works is one of the leading UK companies exploring the frontiers of interactivity in theatre. The company has a thoughtful, engaging sensibility and is making a unique contribution to the exploration of contemporary theatre.”
John McGrath, Director, Manchester International Festival

New technologies, Performance Art, Site specific work, Theatre