c/ Verdaguer i Callis 12 Local
08003 Barcelona

Antic Teatre - Espai de Creacio is an independent Cultural and Social centre based in a cultural heritage building, dating from 1650, in the very heart of Barcelona, in the Sant Pere neighbourhood of the city's old town.
Antic Teatre is one of the reference points for cutting-edge independent performance arts. It is structured as a resource centre for multidisciplinary arts focusing on research, innovation and the development of new languages in performance, and it's the only venue in the city that has, for over ten years, provided regular programming based entirely on research.

Mission: to support and encourage professional art its who avoid established techniques and repetition of methodologies, in their experimentation, creation, production, exhibition, promotion and dissemination endeavours, by freeing them from market pressures and demands and so boosting innovation and risk.