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The Spanish Network of Theatres, Auditoriums and Public Title Circuits (Red Española de Teatros, Auditorios y Circuitos de Titularidad Pública, or LA RED) is a non-profit cultural organisation created in February, 2000, as part of a collaboration agreement with the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) [Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música], under the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.
The RED has 138 members, including 123 theatres and auditoriums and 11 regional circuits or networks from Spain's autonomous communities, which together incorporate over 450 public stages and venues.

La Red goals
•To promote and strengthen tools for attracting public attendance to performing and musical arts events in Spain.
•To ensure a steady flow of quality programming in the country's public theatres and auditoriums, and to boost collaboration among theatres, auditoriums and the autonomous communities' regional circuits.
•To promote tighter collaboration among both national and international theatres, auditoriums and public and private circuits and networks with the aim of creating enriching, long-term working relationships.
•To provide an avenue of communication for professionals such as creators, producers, distributors, arts development workers and others involved in the theatre, music and dance sectors.
•To promote tools for communication and collaboration between the performing and musical arts sectors of countries in the European Union and Latin America.
•To assist public administrations in the technical issues involved in the management of performing and musical arts.
•To collaborate with universities, theatre and musical production companies, schools and other entities such as the Ministry of Education and Culture's Theatre and Musical Documentation Centers with the aim of exchanging information and research on the performing arts.

Circus, Dance, Mime, Music Theatre, New technologies, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Playwriting, Puppetry / Object Theatre, Street arts, Site specific work, Theatre, Youth Theatre