TPAM ‒ Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2021

An international platform for professionals who explore the possibility of contemporary performing arts
TPAM ‒ Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2021
February 6 – 14, 2021 (Pre-events: January 24 – February 5)

About TPAM

TPAM – Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama is the only international platform in Japan for performing arts professionals comprising a 1) performance program that promptly reflects the currents of contemporary performing arts in Asia and the world, 2) meeting program where hundreds of professionals from festivals, venues and arts organizations across the world would get together, and 3) open-call program for which emerging, as well as experienced, artists that look for opportunities would register. This is the 25th edition of TPAM since its establishment as “Tokyo Performing Arts Market” in 1995, and the 11th edition since moving to Yokohama. This edition will be the last as “TPAM,” and in December 2021, it will enter a new stage as “YPAM – Yokohama Performing Arts Meeting” (tentative).  

The 2021 program is different from other years in its scale and forms. Please see the following pages.

About the 2021 Edition

Freedom of expression and gathering was the premise of performing arts, and freedom of movement was of international exchange. These freedoms have been inescapably restricted under the influence of prevention measures and control against COVID-19, which has been de/reconstructing the concepts of performing arts and international exchange.

TPAM2021, with a smaller number of programs over an extended period, still bases itself on the idea of live performance as encounter with “now and here” and sharing of that experience. But some programs are accessible online and offered to international participants who cannot travel to Japan.

We have invited participation (mainly of local artists and companies, inevitably) in TPAM Fringe without a registration fee as a solidarity action with those who struggle to continue to perform in this situation. Some of them offer alternative ways for experiencing their performances remotely. The deadline for the registration is December 20, 2020.

Professional registration for physical or online visitor participation will open in the early December 2020, and non-professional tickets for performances will be on sale in January 2021. Please find updates on the TPAM2021 website. We look forward to participation of people who engage in the creation, dissemination and vitalization of performing arts.


1. TPAM Direction (official performance program)

  • Voice of Void (work-in progress) by Ho Tzu Nyen (in collaboration with YCAM) [Singapore / Japan]
    January 24 (Sun) – February 6 (Sat) @BankART Temporary (Yokohama Creativecity Center)

Following the success of Hotel Aporia at the Aichi Triennale 2019, Ho takes on further investigation into the troubled legacy of the Kyoto School philosophy with this VR work scheduled to premiere at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] in April 2021. 

  • We Kinda Can’t Forget It All by Zan Yamashita [Japan]

January 24 (Sun) – February 14 (Sun) @TPAM2021 Website

A forged interview with Zan Yamashita, the artist that has appeared the most in the official performance programs of TPAM, where he tells only the truths about his international activities since 1995 when he participated in the first edition of TPAM. 

  • Manila Zoo (work-in-pandemic) by Eisa Jocson [Phillippines]

February 9 (Tue) – 11 (Thu) @KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Middle Studio

Having been created during the pandemic, this latest piece in Jocson’s “Happyland” performance series that hijacks the Disney representations of “happiness” aims to transform the state of confinement of humans/animals into collective desire for change.

  • Fukushima Trilogy #1 “1961: Midnight Sunrise, #2 “1986: Mobius Strip” and #3 “2011: The Words Want To Be Spoken” by DULL-COLORED POP [Japan]

February 9 (Tue) – 14 (Sun)@KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Large Studio

This award-winning, 6-hour trilogy written and directed by Kenichi Tani, whose father was an engineer working at the nuclear plant, reveals the contradictions in the “post-war” history of Japan. Live-streamed with English subtitles for international audiences.

2. TPAM Exchange (meeting program for professionals)

Promote your productions and projects, propose a theme and host a meeting with other participants of TPAM, or take part in discussions on issues around the situations of performing arts—TPAM Exchange constitutes the basis of TPAM offering opportunities for information sharing and networking through different types of programs.

Under the restriction of international travel, we offer most of the programs both on-site and online. The TPAM participants’ favorite late night meeting point “Amazone Club” will also happen online for open discussion and mingling. Please visit the website for the latest information.

3. TPAM Fringe (open-call program)

TPAM Fringe is an all-genre open-call program that invites registrations of performances and projects carried out in Yokohama and Tokyo during the period of TPAM. The program is for artists/companies/organizers that register to look for opportunities for international touring and new audience.

Again, under the restriction of international travel, we expect a smaller number of professionals’ visits from abroad. That should reduce the international exposure of the program, which has been one of the main “opportunities” that TPAM would offer to the Fringe artists/companies. In this situation, we have invited registration for this edition’s TPAM Fringe without a fee. Registration is open until December 20, 2020. Some of performances are scheduled to be accessible online. 


TPAM started as “Tokyo Performing Arts Market” in 1995 and changed the name from “Market” to “Meeting” in 2011. It moved to Yokohama the same year and has developed diverse projects, exchange activities and partnerships through the 25 editions in total and 11 in Yokohama. Having involved itself also in Asian co-productions since 2015, TPAM has been internationally recognized as one of the most influential performing arts platforms in Asia.

In December 2021, TPAM will strengthen cooperation with the “creative city” Yokohama and make a brand-new start as “YPAM – Yokohama Performing Arts Meeting” (tentative) to bring both commitment to the local community and international artistic exchange to the next stage.