The registration for the workshops and intensives of TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA 2021 is available now on our
website! With our 30th anniversary coming up this year, we are presenting again a thriving program with
internationally acclaimed artists and instructors. You’re interested in improving your dance technique or just
giving contemporary dance a try for the first time? Our diverse program offers something great for every level – weather you are a professional or amateur dance enthusiast.

Click here for registration and the program:

This year again, we are going to make sure to execute legally required hygiene precautions in our studios due to the Covid-19 situation. Please visit our website for up to date information about our program and any
necessary hygiene protection regulations.
It is about time to dance!


Contemporary Dance & Repertory Classes
Esther Balfe „Enjoying Ballet- Ballet training for all dancers”
Luke Jessop „Partnering Tools: Competition and Cooperation“
Luke Jessop „Riding the Curve“
Bosmat Nossan „Affected“
Virginie Roy „Immersion in/oft the skin“
Stephan Herwig „Dance for the Golden Ages“
Stephan Herwig „Contemporary Dance for Beginners“
Kassandra Wedel „Visual Music“
Sandra Marin Garcia „Crystal Pite’s Tools & Vocabulary“
Chiang-Mei Wang „Floating Body“

Jess Curtis „Audio Description Training“
Jess Curtis „Practical Experience with trained audio Describers“
Louise Vanneste „Listening bodies“
Omar Rajeh „MAQAM“
Charlie Morrissey „Here is everywhere“
Jerome Bel „Masterclass on Isadora Duncan“

Esther Balfe “Yoga- Morning Practice”
Jakub Zeman “Rhythm, Coordination, Learning”
Jakub Zeman “Zero Forms & Games”
Veronica Fischer „Feldenkrais Intensive“
Veronica Fischer „Dancers Insides“
Sasha Krausneker „Feldenkrais“
Vangelis Legakis „Gliding Space“
Vangelis Legakis „Contact Beyond Contact“
Chiang-Mei Wang „Tai-Chi Dao-Yin“