Junior Dance Company Sweden
Junior Company Sweden

Sweden's national junior dance company needs your support

We need your support!

ilYoung is ilDance's professional junior comapny. It started 7 years ago and thus far has offered professional expereince to about 60 young and emerging artists from Sweden and abroad. 

ilYoung is Sweden's only professional junior contemporary dance company which creates, performs, operates and engages across the whole country. 

Additionally, over the years we have also hosted professional independent choregraphers and cultural managers from Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Israel, The Netherlands, Poland, Scotland and Italy in a unique residency model during the creation processes of ilYoung which take place in different cities, country towns and villages across Sweden. 

This year, ilYoung 2019 has unfortunately not been able to receive as much financial support as in previous years. This is despite the project’s ongoing success and reputation and the impeccable journeys of the emerging artists who have taken part in ilYoung in the past. We are currently still struggling with receiving substantial funding in Sweden for the project. 

We decided to take action independently and take on the responsibility of trying to make a change. This year we are 100000 SEK short of the total costs for the project (creation process + touring in Sweden), so we launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo where we are asking our community, colleagues, peers, friends and families to support this project and the evolvement of the emerging artists who take part in it. 

This shortage is in trend with the drastic cuts and diviation of funding for contemporary dance which we have been experiencing across Sweden over the past year. 

We would really appreciate assistance and support in our campaign. This is Sweden's first ever and only context for young and emerging artists which offers them professional experience and equipt them with the necessary tools that are necessary for the highly demanding transition from student to professional.

Have a look at our campaign, spread it out on your social and digital network, spread the word, see if you can contribute to our project and by doing so, signal t the future generations of contemporary dance artists that there is someone watching their back and supporting them in their challenging evolvement. 

There is much more information available on the crowdfunding page.


Also, let us know if you have got any questions, contact us on [email protected]

Thank you very much in advance,