This is - Rehearsal with James O'Shea and Mary Nugent (Photo: Sarah Cairns)

Procurement of Arts Advisers - Arts Council Ireland

The Arts Council wishes to procure the services of a number of Arts Advisers to meet the needs of the organisation both from a quality and service delivery perspective. The art form areas to which this relates are: Architecture, Circus, Street Arts and Spectacle, Film, Music, Opera, Planning, Theatre, Traditional Arts. Each contract will be offered separately.

Successful tenderers will be experienced practitioners in the relevant areas, with the expertise and experience required to work with the Arts Council's staff by assisting in the appraisal and assessment of funding applications, providing critical advice on artistic work and providing advice in relation to art form policy as required.

Application for each of these contracts is exclusively by a public tender process offered via the eTenders procurement website on 5 October 2016 on All proposals should be submitted by 26 October 2016. Any questions regarding any of these contracts should be directed as set out in the tender notices and should not be directed to the Art