Opportunity to participate at the APAP arts market in NYC (Jan 2018)

Between the Seas invites Mediterranean artists to promote their work at the upcoming Association for Performing Arts Presenters expo in New York, Jan 12-16 2018

Between the Seas undertakes to represent Mediterranean performing artists whose work is ready for international touring, to the world's largest (and most expensive!) arts market at a very low cost.

What is Between the Seas?
Between the Seas is a performing arts organization based in both New York and Athens, dedicated to promoting contemporary Mediterranean performing arts internationally. Through the years we have created a large intercultural network of contacts around the world and a dedicated team of friends, partners and artists that we work with regularly. www.betweentheseas.org

What is APAP?
APAP is the world's largest performing arts marketplace and conference that happens every year in New York City (www.apap365.org) gathering hundreds of artists, programmers, presenters, agents and funding organizations every year. Through a combination of booths where artists and organizations display their programs and works, live showcases open to programmers and to the general public, and conference sessions, APAP is a unique place for networking and for increasing opportunities for artists to meet agents and presenters and tour their work.

Find out more about the cost and conditions of participating: