Open invitation to choreographers and video artists to participate in festival

As part of the International Campaign for Freedom of Expression and the IETM Satellite in Beirut, KART Productions and director Maria Xanthopoulidou are announcing an open invitation for choreographers and video artists to present their work on Freedom of Expression at the Festival in Kefallinias Street Theatre from 6 - 9 October. 

Forever and whatever the circumstances, art will find space to exist. Artists should be creative and stand firmly against any restriction to their freedom. It should be remembered that freedom of expression and freedom of speech lose their importance when they cannot be seen or heard. The freedom to listen is as important as the freedom to speak.

The 6 - 9 October festival will consist of screenings, dance performances, discussions and parties.

Proceeds from the festival will be donated to Reporters Without Borders (after expenses).

Proposals should be sent by email to [email protected] and should include the following information: 

  1. Description of the proposal (maximum 200 words)
  2. Contact information (name, email, links)
  3. Brief biography of the author note
  4. Photos (jpg) of the project
  5. Projects should be production 2012-2016

The festival program will be announced by September 15, 2016

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