Online @cademy Conference by Pro Progressione

Join Pro Progressione's digital event taking place on Friday, 2nd October from 13:00-18:30 CET, and learn new ways on how to adapt social art practices to the digital era !

The ‘@cademy Conference’ event is part of Pro Progressione’s ‘Academy for Actors of Civil Change’ project and will revolve around the topic ‘Social art practices in the digital era - Mapping the Covid impacts’. The conference will feature 8 international speakers and will be held in English. Times are adjusted to the Central European Time (CET).

All around the world, professionals such as social art practitioners, youth workers and social workers working with underprivileged youth have found themselves in a new situation where unpredictable circumstances determine how they work. Many of them struggle with adapting, although there are some who have been able to settle and move on. What determines a successful adaptation? What are the lessons learned and best practices? What are the identified aeras for improvement? How to make social art practices fit for the digital age? Join the @cademy Conference and find out the speakers’ answers to these questions!

At the @cademy Conference organised by Pro Progressione and its partners, you will have the chance to:

- Get an overview of Covid impacts on social art practices

- Get an insight into the vision and learnings of international professionals on the current situation

- Learn new ways on how to make social art practices fit for the digital age

- Be a part of an inspiring exchange of experiences, methods and coping mechanisms



Fanny Hajdú (HU) - Drama pedagogue, artistic director of Academy


Ebru Gokdag (TR) - University professor, expert in Forum Theatre

Árpád Bayer (HU) - Historian, game designer

Uroš Mladenović (SRB) - Actor, youth worker

Tiago Prata (SWE) - Cultural manager, producer

Mauro Cecili (IT) - Expert in new technologies, founder of ‘This is not Theatre’ project

Ivana Volf (SRB) - Youth worker, Content manager for SEEYN Learning House

Jorge Crecis (ES) - Founder and director of Towards Vivencia, choreographer

Kateřina Žarnikov (CZ) - drama teacher, member of IDEA


Join Pro Progressione for their first online conference! Let’s go on this adventure together!

Changes on the programme might occur. Check for updates as the event date approaches!

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