Europatralala: A European week voor lovers, haters en dummies 

From 1 to 5 October 2019, Theater Bellevue is totally dedicated to Europe and the EU. Next to attending performances from all over the continent, you can visit an extended side programme, ask all your questions to the artists in Q&A’s, watch thematic films, listen to podcasts and have diner completely in European style at Café de Smoeshaan. 

Performances from all over Europe about the human side of the EU 

During Europatralala, five international theatre companies step into the debate about the future of the EU and Europe. In their performances, the five theatre companies research the meaning of living together on this continent, and the human side of the EU. Because underneath the sometimes unscrutable political surface, a world of individuals appears. 

Side programme in collaboration with Paradiso 

Europatralala is accompanied by an extensive side programme, created in collaboration with Paradiso. Think of talks and discussions on subjects as Europe and journalism, Europe and economy, inclusivity in Europe and collaborations within this continent. 

Europatralala is an initiative of Joan Nederlof and mugmetdegoudentand (Amsterdam). 

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