Crowdfunding campaign for Temps d'Images Festival Cluj, Romania

Temps d'Images Festival at it's 10th edition is in the need for help!

We have showed solidarity over the years and we brought on stage shows that had something to say every time: that entertained, intrigued and dotted the i's and crossed the t’.

Each facet, each perspective regarding a discourse and the reality it builds means a show, a film, a workshop or a section of the Festival for which we still need resources. Resources that make it possible for artists to be present for a week at Temps d'Images!

TEMPS D'IMAGES is an international festival initiated in 2002 in France. The first edition of the Festival in Romania took place in 2008 and its producer is Collective A Association, from Cluj.

PS: You can find us on with information from 2008 up to the schedule of the festival in 2017!