Conference - Contemporary Performing Street Arts: is it a Performing Arts Genre in its own right?

Contemporary Performing Street Arts: is it a Performing Arts Genre in its own right?

Education in Contemporary Performing Street Arts: Possible Curricula and Teaching Methods

Online Expert Conference // 23.–25. March 2021

​European Federation for Education and Training in Street Arts (EFETSA) announce the first online conference for experts, focusing on the education in contemporary performing street arts, where we will discover and share different educational methods and practices and what we can learn from each other’s practices and approaches. We hope you will be joining us for the conference to spark a fruitful discussion on what and how teaching Contemporary Performing Street Arts (CPSA) can improve artistic level of preforming in public space.




Structured educational programs for CPSA (pedagogy of CPSA)

Case studies of good practices in teaching/learning in CSPA

Teaching the teachers of CPSA

Academic studies and research in CPSA and related practices



Keynote speech for strong points, examples or practices (max 30 minutes)

Oral/live presentation for projects able to spread good practices (max 10 minutes)

Written contribution/paper (max 10 pages)

Digital poster – one page presentation of concrete practices (max 1 page)



24. January 2021: Abstract submission deadline.

16. February 2021: Abstract confirmation.

9. March 2021: Full paper or poster submission.



All contribution propositions should be presented to the Expert Comitte in a form of a half page abstract (min 600  max. 1500 characters with spaces).  Abstract template enclosed. Due date: 24. January 2021.

All contributors will be asked to present a written document on their topic/theme.

The document template will be supplied and the written document should not be longer that 6 A4 pages (11000 characters with spaces) or 10 pages if the document includes visual material (photographs, illustration, graphs…).This is not an academic conference; it is an open discussion about the themes and topics of education in CPSA, aiming to share and spread methodologies, case studies and good practices. However, abstracts will be evaluated by the members of the Expert Committee, based on effective and accurate communication of a practice/subject area/topic, methodology, relevance, innovation, reason for or value of the presentation and  impact (educational, social, spatial, …).

Expert Comitte decisions will be made by 16. February 2021.

Keynote speeches will be selected based on submitted abstracts with a high importance or as lecturers invited by the Expert Committee.

Only two submitted abstracts per same first author are permitted. At least one author (presenting author) per contribution needs to participate at the online conference.

Upon confirmation, all contributions must be submitted as full papers or posters by the 9. March 2021.



All written contributions and posters will be published in an online publication as an electronic book with ISBN number. The video recording of the conference will be made public and free for use.



The language of the conference is English. Also all written and spoken contributions on the conference should be in English.



TEA VIDMAR // [email protected]

GORO OSOJNIK // [email protected] 



EFETSA – European Federation for Education and Training in Street Arts //

Ana Monro Theater SUGLA – School for Contemporary Performing Street Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia // 

Institute of Place, University of Winchester, Winchester, UK  //

FADUNITO, Street Theater company, Cervera, Spain,  //  & SPASA, Street Performing Arts Summer Academy, Catalonia, Spain //

Money for free, promoters of SAM- Street Arts Manifesto //  

Bussola, Street Arts and Circus development organization, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal // 

Circostrada, European Network Circus and Street Arts, Paris, France //