Explore the nature fo Bornholm Denmark
Course at BIRCA, Bornholm

Camp masterclass: MA in natura – with Anita Saij


This camp is a master class module for artists, who wish to explore their work and ideas in close proximity and collaboration with the wild and beautiful nature of Bornholm.

In this course we dive deep into an investigating of feeling, inner sensing and another deep way of perception, based on the phenomena Ma. Originating from the Zen Buddhism, Ma has two meanings: “Emptiness” and “the Space Between things”. Ma is naturally integrated into all kinds of Japanese culture, art and philosophy, and it views nature as a living and eternally ongoing metamorphic process.

As in music, it is often in the breaks, in the absence of sound, that we as an audience are drawn deeper into the music. Working consciously with the quality of Ma it can provide our work with new and exciting dimensions that can generate entirely new meanings for our times.

Daily work
The daily training starts out with meditative mindfulness work where Anita will present a unique technical and methodological approach to working with the nature inside and outside of us. Afterwards our work continues outside in the natural settings of Mother Earth, serving as an inspiration and a mirror for our own creative process and performative expression. Our main focus will be on detail, experiment, authenticity, presence and cohesion. We will visit some of the most beautiful nature sites of this magical island, and there will be a two nights stay out in the wild as part of the course. The training aims to provide a pathway into the spirit of art and nature – beyond the intellectual, rational, technical and functional – and to discover the inner and outer authentic nature as a complex and inexhaustible creative source for human life and art.

Teaching hours
For both courses the ordinary teaching hours will be from 9.30-12.00 & 13.30-17.00.
On days with performances, the schedule can change.
The working language is English.
Lodging is included in the course fee.

About Anita Saij
Anita Saij is an internationally renowned artist and teacher with more than 25 years of experience in the fields of experimental dance, theatre, somatic movement and creative coaching. During the last 10 years she has taught these international summer camps on the island of Bornholm, and with great success. As the founder of Nordic School of Butoh and Art Culture Center Bækkelund Bornholm – now called Art Culture Center In Natura – her master class programs with specific focus on the work in/with nature attracts artists from all over the world.

Her teaching presents a unique way of creative integrative body-mind-spirit work, based on improvisation and the relation between the human being, art and nature. First and foremost, it is inspired by the Japanese Butoh Dance, which she studied with one of the greatest masters in Japan, Kazuo Ohno, and since then as a member of the Performance group Body Weather Laboratory in Japan. Last but not least, she has been a dancer and choreographer for the legendary Theatre Dance Lab, whose many works have been awarded internationally.

Nordic School of Butoh
Nordic School of Butoh is an international performance- and life art education program in the North, full of the inspiration and spirit of new and old. The idea of the academy is to explore the personal resources of the individual, through creative work related to body, art, existence and nature.

General information

Deadline for booking and paying the enrolment deposit is July 1st.

Course fees / prices
Euro 480,- The course fee includes simple lodging in the atelier at BIRCA, a beautiful dormitory with mattresses. Further, there will be two nights out in the wild as part of the program. Booking to Nordic Butoh: Phone +45 2665 5605 - i n f o @ n o r d i c b u t o h . d k

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