Olga Kovaleva as Ophelia, photo by Ann Galinka
Olga Kovaleva as Ophelia, photo by Ann Galinka

British Council | Share Shakespeare Prize

Submit your proposal for our Share Shakespeare Prize celebrating the Bard’s work in Searbia in a new and creative way and you may win a chance to make it happen. The winning project will be part of our Shakespeare Lives global programme of events and activities celebrating William Shakespeare’s work on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016.

The Share Shakespeare Prize is a competition open to creative practitioners from Serbia and around the world with expertise in theatre, film, visual arts, literature, design, public art or digital technology (including animation, gaming, experience design, social media intervention and other) and involving anything from theatre performance to software development. 

Entrants are invited to demonstrate originality and ingenuity through a proposal of event/s related to the Shakespeare anniversary in a public space (physical, digital or combined). 

Proposals should describe project activity/activities that:

- offer an innovative exciting way for audiences to engage with Shakespeare and/or his works on display in public space and demonstrate the contemporary relevance of his art
- reach out to large and diverse Serbian and international audiences (including the next generation of leaders, individuals and communities, including those  who have not had the opportunity to engage with Shakespeare’s work before) 
- target meaningful levels of digital and social engagement.

All proposals should be submitted in English and sent by e-mail to our colleague Milan Lučić no later than Wednesday 4 May 2016 at 23.59. 

Judging panel, consisting of British Council Director for Serbia and Western Balkans Clare Sears, British Ambassador to Serbia Denis Keefe, theatrologist and BITEF festival art director dr Ivan Medenica, independent curator dr Maja Ćirić and editor of online portal Netokracija Srbija Marko Mudrinić will shortlist up to 16 entries that will then officially become a part of the Shakespeare lives activities in Serbia.

The winner of the Share Shakespeare Prize will be awarded a £8,000 production budget with which to turn their idea into reality.

Share Shakespeare prize is implemented in partnership with the British Embassy in Belgrade.

You can find a more detailed document for applicants containing the timetable, eligibility criteria and prize rules here.

If you have any additional question please contact our colleague Milan Lučić.